Let’s Meet in the Middle!  Orthopaedic Symposium 2023 in Winnipeg

Our next in-person Orthopaedic Symposium will be held from Friday, April 28th through Sunday, April 30th,

with the Instructor’s Meetings held on Friday, April 28th.

We welcome you to join us at this 2-day symposium to connect with your peers, get your education learning, and network with international partners beyond our borders.

Why should you attend? Let’s hear from Tim Rogers, Joanne Carswell, and Jackie Sadie.

Watch video

Jill’s social memories – click here!

Helen’s Winnipeg memories – click here!

Jill’s everyday value – click here!

Opening Ceremony Highlights – April 28 at 6:30 pm

  • Elder Margaret Lavallée
  • Buffalo Gals Drum Group
  • Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
  • Brigade de la Rivière Rouge
  • Fiddlist Ameena Bajer-Koulac
  • and more

(click here to see a list of registration options and fees)




Ortho Symposium Team