The program abstract committee has been working very hard behind the scenes on the program. Join us for a jam-packed weekend event that will showcase world-renowned international speakers, cutting-edge research presentations, bonus opportunities for hands-on learning, networking with peers and exhibitors, and a fantastic awards gala. A great symposium is in store for all.


Thursday, April 27, 2023
Time slot (CST) Event
4:30-9:00 Off-Site Event to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory
Friday, April 28, 2023
Time slot (CST) Topic/Speaker
3:00 Registration/Information (East Concourse)
4:45-6:15 NOD AGM (MR 3)
5:00 Exhibits Open (MR 4-5)
6:30-7:45 Symposium Opening (MR 1-2)
7:45-10:00 Cocktail Reception & Networking in Exhibit Hall (MR 4-5)
Saturday, April 29, 2023
Time slot (CST) Topic/Speaker
7:30-8:30 Morning Run at the Forks (Meet at Delta Hotel Lobby)
7:30-5:00 Registration and Information (East Concourse)
7:30-8:30 Breakfast (MR 4-5)
7:30-4:00 Exhibits (MR 4-5)
8:30 -9:30 Dr. Alison Grimaldi – Gluteal Tendinopathy – Steps Towards Success (MR 1-2)
9:30-10:30 Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum – Strength Training in Rehab and Beyond (MR 1-2)
10:30-11:00 Nutrition and Networking Break (MR 4-5)
11:00-11:30 Breakout 1 Breakout 2 Breakout 3
11:00-11:30 Yukino Fukushima – An
Evidence-Informed Rehabilitation Management Framework for Posterior Shoulder Tightness: A Scoping Review
(MR 7-8)
Janine Didyk and Dr. Dan Ogborn – New insights in managing patients following arthroscopic surgery for femoroacetabular impingement
(MR 3)
Allison Ezzat – Integrating digital innovation into clinical practice to improve first-line management of knee osteoarthritis
(MR 9-10)
11:30-11:40 Transition Break
11:40-12:10 Scott Whitmore, Dr. Erdem Huner, Sarah Bleichert – Dry Needling: The Current Evidence for Dry Needling in Clinical Practice: “Let’s Get to the Point”
(MR 3)
Dr. Joshua Lee – Development of a musculoskeletal spine rehabilitation registry to inform clinical prediction, disease modeling, and translational research
(MR 9-10)
Dr. Dan Ogborn – Measuring
muscular strength following orthopedic injury and reconstructive surgery
(MR 7-8)
12:10-1:25 Lunch with the Exhibitors (MR 4-5) 
1:25-2:25 Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan – Defining the place of rehabilitation in the management of degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM) (MR 1-2)
2:25-2:40 Transition Break
2:40-3:40 Spine Panel:
Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan, Dr. Joshua Lee, Russ Horbal
– Maintaining Active Lifestyles with Spinal Pain. Tackling the Pain and Fear with Care/Compassion and Evidence
(MR 7-8)
Hip and Pelvic Panel:
Dr. Alison Grimaldi, Dr. Kelli Berzuk, Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum
– Hip and Pelvic Pain: Opportunities to Collaborate
(MR 3)
3:40-4:00  Nutrition and Networking Break (MR 4-5)
4:00-5:00 Dr. Duncan Reid – Improving the impact of Manual Therapy in Clinical Practice (MR 1-2)
5:10-5:45 Remembering Carol Kennedy (MR 3)
6:00-6:45 Reception (East Concourse)
7:00-12:00 Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony, and Dance (MR 1-2)
Sunday, April 30, 2023
Time slot (CST) Topic/Speaker
7:30-12:30 Registration and Information (East Concourse)
7:30-8:30 Breakfast (East Concourse)
8:30-9:30 Dr. Roger Kerry – A New Way to Teach and Practice Manual Therapy (MR 1-2)
9:30-10:30 Pierre Langevin – Update on Concussion Management for Physiotherapists (MR 1-2)
10:30-10:45 Nutrition and Networking Break (East Concourse)
10:45-11:15 Dr. Alison Rushton – International position statement: Examination of the Cervical Region for potential of vascular pathologies of the neck prior to Musculoskeletal Intervention (MR 1-2)
11:15 – 12:15 Cervical Spine Panel
Dr. Alison Rushton, Dr. Roger Kerry, Pierre Langevin, Dr. Duncan Reid
– Neck Pain and Post Concussion Syndrome: Improving Efficacy in Physiotherapy (MR 1-2)
12:15 -12:30 Closing Remarks, Prize Draw, and Lunch to Go (MR 1-2)